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About US


FCRG is a development/consultant firm bringing a combined experience of 90 years in the development of business platforms, housing activities, economic development, and community redevelopment.  FCRG connects professional entities and funding resources with novice business entrepreneurs and existing companies, to build their ideas and products to reality.  We bring framework, capital resources, and business practices for the achievement into new technology, job creation, housing viability, economic building, and community sustainability. Developing jobs, industry, education, and housing for the future.

01. Strategic

We choose to philosophically operate via a Blue Ocean strategy, which is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost, to open new market space and create new demand. Blue Ocean philosophy is about creating and capturing uncontested market space, thereby making the competition irrelevant.

02. Professional

To assist individuals, companies, and communities, to achieve a better way of life, with raising capital and developing business platforms to obtain financial security, independence, and sustainability.

03. Loyal

We contend that our Client(s) may never find a more motivated and dedicated group who will go above and beyond our contractual obligations to meet the terms of our agreement.  To the greatest extent possible, we will strive to bring our client’s expectations and the scope of work to fruition.  We will always endeavor to ensure that our clients’ needs are met at their fullest expectation and we will meet the established deliverables at a very high level.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

We have always been committed, not just in finding funding for our clients, but partners who share the same long term strategic goals with relevant expertise to bring to the table when needed.  Pairing the right client to the right investor through the right vehicle allows our clients to achieve lasting success.


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